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About Georgian products

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We are glad to present to you our best Georgian products from the different regions of magnificent Georgia. G.S.G. Wine proudly presents it to you. 

The company “Marniskari” is one of the leading wine and alcohol beverage producer companies in Georgia. The company is founded on the ancient, Georgian wine production traditions. It originates from the beginning of the nineteenth century when it was a family cellar for that time. 


Apart from wine, we offer dry fruit, mineral waters, Lemonade, snacks, and a wide range of spices on our market.  Dry fruit is naturally produced in Georgia from watermelon, plum, and persimmon.  Georgian famous mineral water Borjomi is available in our stock as well. Famous Churchkhela AKA "Georgian snickers" and spices are what is we are proud of. 

We also sell and distribute our food products in bulk, catering, restaurants, and retail sizes. Our Head-office is located in Prague and we do distribution to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and itself in Czechia. 

We are open and look forward to all kinds of businesses partnership  🤝 

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